Match Corps: Lawrence

Please note that all the information available here about the Match Corps: Lawrence program pertains to the 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 school years. 

Match Education is on the forefront of education reform and is replicating Match Charter Public School's full-time, in-school professional tutoring corps in other schools and districts across America.

The Lawrence Public School District is our first partner. Our Fellows work with 600 students, all in grades 9 and 10, in two high schools (Business Management and Finance, and International High School). This elite tutor corps plays a significant role in transforming these chronically failing high schools, by driving student achievement through individualized instruction. 

Our fellows in Lawrence focus on math only (mostly algebra and geometry) and work during the school day with two students at a time for five periods a day. Each fellow has a personal caseload of 12 students all year long and builds personal and meaningful relationships with these students and their families.

Click here to learn more about Lawrence and the Lawrence School District turnaround plan.

The 2012-2013 school year was our first year in Lawrence and we had tremendous success; achieving the greatest turnaround in high school math in state history. Here is a press release about our results. We set the bar high last year, but we want to raise it this year. 

Tutor Responsibilities

Fellows guarantee the academic success of students by focusing intently on individualizing instruction and building personal and meaningful relationships with their students. They will receive all instructional materials, developed by a site-specific curriculum writer, with close alignment to state standards, assessments, and instruction particular to the school. The curriculum writer will preview all materials with Fellows the week prior to its delivery to students, to answer specific questions.

  1. Fellows tutor in math only.
  2. Fellows contact families each week about student progress. This communication forges trust, creates relationships and keeps parents aware of the successes and needs of their children.
  3. Every site has a coordinator who is responsible for observing, training and assisting Fellows through the entire year. Fellows will be observed regularly and must be hungry for feedback.

"I really love the work with the kids. It's an awesome experience...the second half of the year especially, the kids appreciated what we were doing, and I really appreciate them." -- Aiden Douglas, 2nd year Match Corps: Lawrence Fellow


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